A solution for your ideas! We transform dreams into reality, whether it’s a project for a startup or for a consolidated business.

What we do

We are a versatile team comprised of business strategists, designers, developers and growth hackers.

Native Apps

Native Apps’ performance are the fastest and most reliable, and enables much more functionality.

Hybrids Apps

Hybrids apps grant more agility at a lower cost, without losing quality.


Much more accurate and efficient projects.

Digital Solutions

Strategies and enormous possibilities for growth.

What we do

Our methodology

See firsthand how we will develop your app and keep track of the progress step by step.

How it all begins

Tell us about your idea

The first step is explaining what it is you are looking for. You will tell us your idea and with our expertise, we will provide you with the best solution! 


the structure

Based on your ideas, we will elaborate a complete visual guide that’ll give structure to your app so that it is fully operative, efficient and secure.


Creativity taking forms and colors

It's no use to have a fully-functional and stable app, without a good design. We will create a practical and creative design that will make the user experience much more enjoyable.


Beyond Coding

Apps development its not all that we do for you. We bring ideas to life, with the use of technology. We will create a strategical solution and focus on the growth of your business.



After everything is completed, it is validation time. You can test out the mobile application in different situations and scenarios, in order to confirm that everything is working accordingly.


Fasten your seatbelts.

The time has come! The app launch is the emblematic moment that we’ve been working so hard for. We'll be more than happy to assist you with whatever is needed to make your app a success.

maintenance and updates

To love is to care

Who says we stop working after the launch? We offer you all the support required to keep your app up-to-date, constantly making improvements and adjustments.

App development


Get your app questions answered

How long does it take to develop an app?

Developing an application can range from 125 to 150 days, considering it to be a small or medium size project and its complexities.

I need an application for Android and IOS, is it possible in a short period of time?

Yes, at HunterApp, in addition to native apps, we also create hybrid apps that reduce development time by up to 78%.

Is it possible to have an app with an innovative layout?

Yes, at HunterApp we have a diverse team that focuses on studying and analyzing your idea, according to its market and target audience, and that will create an 100% dynamic and innovative layout.


After the app has been developed, does it get any updates?

We make periodic updates to add new code patterns and make minor adjustments. These upgrades have no additional cost to the monthly plans and are automatically performed by the HunterApp team.

How long will it take before the application is available in the store?

Play Store: Within five (5) business days after finalizing the project. App Store: Five (5) business days after finalizing the project. Note: Apple requires an internal review which may take an additional 10 business days.

Quanto custa criar um aplicativo?

Um aplicativo para smartphones de pequeno porte consome em media 150 a 500 horas para ser desenvolvido e tem o custo aproximado entre R$ 25mil e R$55mil. Aplicativos mais complexos podem custar entre R$ 70mil a R$ 120mil.

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